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Real estate was my hobby when I was young. It grew from a hobby into my full time job and my passion. I have personally been involved in investing and flipping and finishing new construction and have learned from firsthand experience some of the ins and outs involved in what HGTV makes look easy, but in reality is quite challenging and can often be risky. Because of my past personal experiences, I know how important it is to have a real estate agent who is honest and really working for and negotiating in favor of their client. I realize that real estate purchases are some of the biggest financial undertakings we will make in our lives. I work with my clients to make sure they are informed and their questions are answered, so that they can feel confident in their decisions. I am loyal to those I work with and will help them before, during, and after the buying or selling process. I care about people and want them to feel good about their experience in working with me and the end results of their transaction. I am a REALTOR® ... because home matters to you ... and that means it matters to me. In my free time I enjoy being with my family, undertaking DIY projects, and traveling. I look forward to helping you move through your real estate transaction with confidence.

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